August 31, 2006


So, I have big feet. Over the years, they have respectfully become to be referred to as my “9 & 1/2 Wide Clodhoppers.” But I don’t mind their size; metaphorically speaking, they have taken me a lot of places and they’ve covered a lot of terrain to get me to where I am today. Lately my, “Big Bertha platforms” (Ok, that nickname I just made up, but I thought it was funny) have also been blazing new paths as I’ve finally found the courage and have decided to break out of my comfort shell, try new endeavors and learn more about myself and what I really want to get out of life and the pathways I have to take to get there.

My 9 & ½ Wide Clodhoppers are also one of the many reasons as to why I’ve started this Blog. I’ve had some encouragement from family and friends (you know who you are!). But I also realize that I like to write and need more practice doing so, I love life and I believe each day is a gift and needs to be noticed, and I have a lot of random things going through my head that I just need to get out every once in awhile.

I’m not sure where my feet will take me next or what the focus of this Blog will be. I do know, however, that throughout life we can all leave our “footprints” behind for others to follow, but I believe that the details that are in the footprints that we leave behind and the “terrain” they cover each day are the meaningful parts on the pathway through life. We’ve all heard the saying that we’re supposed to learn something new each day. I believe that statement; it’s just a matter of paying attention to those lessons. (Like today, I thought “clodhoppers” were spelled with a B, but it’s not, it’s spelled with a D…silly lesson, I know, but I did pay attention to learning something new!).

Perhaps daily lessons will be the focus of this Blog. Wherever this endeavor turns out, I do intend to ask and answer questions, learn more about myself and embrace the details of my size 9 ½ Wide Clodhoppers!

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