February 20, 2007

Feed Burner

Things I've Learned:
1) White rhinos aren't actually white. Being lost in translation, "white" was originally "wide," describing the mouth of the rhinos. What was first called the wide rhino, got changed to white rhino.

OK, so for a quick update. I don't have much news, or a very long entry, but I wanted to all to know about a new update to this site. If you look to your right, you'll see a link to subscribe to this blog. All long as you have a Google account, you'll get updates of this site.

Woohoo! Now I just wonder if anyone still reads this and if you'll actually subscribe??? ;-)

In the meantime, I'll find something to write to entice you all to sign-up for this blog (did I mention it's free?). Also, stay tuned as I hope to add some more updates, content and update the look of this site.


emily said...

hey! i love love your new layout susie. hoorah! and i won't subscribe because i check your blog every single day from the link on my own blog, but you know i am always reading and enjoying!!!

hope you write soon.

Nic said...

Great blog! Thanks for the link and I'll reciprocate!


Susie said...

Thanks Nic! I love your site and I think it's a great project you're working on!