July 19, 2007

Toast and Thursday Thirteen

Here's a toast, a toast to life: I love it! Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday...I'm now a quarter of a century old! The past 25 years have been great and I'm very proud of how much I've grown in just the last two years.

In the "Blog World" there is a meme called Thursday Thirteen. I haven't done one before, but there is no time like the present, right? So my first Thursday Thirteen will be a list of good things to come in the next quarter of a century:

1) Visit Prague, Czech Republic

2) Fall in Love

3) Learn to play a musical instrument...right now I really like the harmonica

4) Buy some land

5) Adopt a dog from a shelter

6) Take a hot air balloon ride

7) Study paintings in Florence, Italy

8) Write more Thursday Thirteens

9) Get a really fancy digital SLR camera

10) Become a Naturalist and work for an outdoor/environmental education program that helps people with disabilities

11) Raise some honey bees

12) Get off the "Grid" as much as possible with a hybrid car, solar and wind energy

13) Continue to laugh, love, live and learn everyday!


Anonymous said...

I will go for a hot air balloon ride with you! That is the one dream I have!! I think it would be so awsome!!

Susie said...

well then, let's go...but who are you? :-)

Editor In Chief said...

update! update NOW!

thank you for your delightful comment on vagabond whisper. i appreciated it greatly (as did i appreciate your kick-ass article which i hope you approved of as i chopped it up and mutilated it a bit).

missing every bit of SLC and hoping in november i'll see you again.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I finally come back to blogging and now you're gone. :-( I had Novelist in Training oh so long ago, and I've finally set up a new blog at http://booklady.wordpress.com. Hope to see you blogging again soon. And good luck with the list of things you wanted to do in the next 25 years. It looks great.