January 17, 2007

One Year! Thank You!

Things I've Recently Learned:
1) The Sugar Maple has been in cultivation since 1753; being used for landscaping, lumber and syrup!

So, one year ago today I made my move to Utah. For years, I always wanted to go on adventures, try something new and move West; but until last year, I would always get a little too nervous to make the leap and would some how back out.

So, today I'm celebrating me taking a leap of faith one year ago today. A leap that was exciting, rewarding, scary and uncertain all at the same time. A leap, that at the time I was so nervous to make, but am now so grateful that I did. Sometimes, as I'm wondering through the mountains or getting lost in the sun setting upon red cliffs, I still can't believe I'm here.

After all of the amazing things that I've seen and done, I still long for home. It might sound corny, but I truly do love where I'm from. At home, I become a victim of comfort. Perhaps it is the familiarity of knowing where I'm at, who I run into or just knowing what kind of tree I'm standing next to.

It's hard; feeling like I belong in one place, while longing for another. I have no regrets moving to Utah, in fact, I think it's the best decision I've ever made. It's hard to have any regrets when you hear and see you're making a positive impact on others' lives and thus your own. Nonetheless, longing may be one of the hardest emotions one can endure. Could this be where the phrase, "Patience is a Virtue" comes from? Even though I long for home, my family, friends and even my dog Maggie, I must be patient and focus on the now and soak-up the experiences I'm having.

After one year of being in Utah, there are those that I owe some thanks to. Thank-You to my family for supporting me in this transition. Thank-You to my friends for always being there for me and for supporting and encouraging me. Thank-You to some amazing folks that I've met along the way to keep me motivated. And Thank-You to countless others that have inspired me in ways unimaginable.

Journeys conjeur-up a lot of emotions, but in the end it's about growth and learning and right now, I'm doing a lot of that. I'm no longer a victim of comfort and I find myself wondering, 'What's next?'

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emily said...

i'm becoming a comment whore on your blog.

i just wanted you to know that julen and i talked all about bald eagles and the mississippi river yesterday, and i showed him this picture in your blog.

the end.