January 09, 2007


Things I've Learned:
1) Steel is the most recycled product in the U.S. After the collapse of the World Trade Centers on 9/11, a lot of that steel was melted down, recycled and is now being used to build the new USS New York naval ship. About 24 tons of steel from the WTC will be used to make the USS New York!

So, for the last three weeks I have been at home in Missouri for the Holidays. Whenever I get the chance to go home for awhile, I love reminicing about the past and this includes looking through old pictures, notes, etc. Well, this time I found an old poem I wrote. By no means do I think of myself as a poet, it's an artform that I never really got into. Nevertheless, I thought I'd pass it along...


I am but one of hundreds, thousands, millions of snowflakes
All scurring to the Earth below.
Each on unique, each one beautiful, each on serving different intenetions.

One my spiral down to delight the mittens of a child
One may glisten in the aged eyes of wisdom
And one my comfort the remaining leaf of a gingko.

I am but one of hundreds, thousands, millions that make a journey.

I may flutter down to a desolate lake
Transform the placid surface with a ripple
Extending out to the edges and tickle the feet of cattails.

I am but one of hundreds, thousands, millions of different, unique and beautiful snowflakes.
Alone we might have different effects, but as a whole we transform the scenery.

I am but one of hundreds, thousands, millions...
Making a Journey
And touching the environment around us, as we haphazardly fall from the sky.

But for now, I am just one of those millions
Masked by the beauty and confusion around me.

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emily said...

hi susie. i wish you knew how this poem inspired me this last week. i'd tell you but it would ruin the mystery :) anyway i'm anticipating your next blog. i just wanted you to know how much you rock. (and i'm sending your guys' package really freaking soon...sorry).+